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Nothing is more important than our health. Living a healthy life makes you happy and content as you are able to make the most of your wellbeing. Unfortunately many people suffer from a variety of different medical or health conditions, and such ailments lead to a myriad of negative symptoms. In a good number of cases, it is useless to take over the counter medicines, or visit the doctor for medical advice or remedies. Many symptoms never seem to go away as the underlying cause is not found.

One of the main reasons behind this common situation is that our bodies are subjected all the time to artificial as well as natural sources of radiation. This electromagnetic radiation comes from different sources, including wi-fi, 4G and 5G, smartphones, tablets, computers, and microwave ovens, among others. As you may imagine in this day and age we are continuously surrounded by such devices and sources of radiation. You may be electromagnetic hypersensitive (EHS), and as a result the various negative symptoms and other complaints that you have could well be deriving from EHS.

For this reason you should seriously consider investing in a STRAS device. This is a device that will protect you in a comprehensive and customized manner against the electromagnetic radiation that you are surrounded with. STRAS is an intelligent device that will customize its functioning according to your body frequencies and necessities.


As the best EMF blocking device on the market, STRAS works in a unique way. This is because you do not even have to go through the hassle of recharging STRAS as it takes care of its own powering up on its own. STRAS uses the negative energy that it protects you from and converts it to the energy it needs to work. This is technically referred to as resonance technology. Effectively, STRAS will be creating a positive protective field of ‘gentle’ natural frequencies adapted to your body needs all around you. Your body recognizes these natural frequencies which create harmony in your body. Within this field, your own body frequencies can recover from the influence of electromagnetic radiation and also enhance the self-healing ability of your body.

Custom made

Each STRAS is custom made by setting it specifically for you, using numerological insights according to the well-known mathematician Pythagoras. For this reason no one STRAS device is going to serve more than one person. Your STRAS device is going to be just yours, and protect only you.

The first 14 days

During the first 14 days, your STRAS device will be customizing its operation by adapting itself to your body specific frequencies. So your STRAS device is completely tailored to your needs, allowing for a more comprehensive and complete EMF protection.

Reduction in symptoms and health problems

Over time your STRAS device will enable you to lead a better and healthier life, as your current health problems, conditions and negative symptoms should subside or diminish greatly. Make sure to always wear your STRAS device close to you anywhere you go.

Detoxification symptoms could occur in some cases, depending on your particular condition. These are not that common and may include mild temporary symptoms such as headaches, active intestines, fatigue, an increase in sweating and a strange taste in the mouth. In most cases these subside after 14 days.


STRAS works in a very innovative manner. It creates a protective shield so as to protect you from unnatural and natural sources of radiation. This is the concept of resonance technology.

In more technical terms, STRAS contains an electronic circuit, whose core is made from an induction coil, a capacitor and frequency powder. This is technically referred to as a resonance or vibration circuit. The metal housing of the device acts as an antenna, which captures the radiation in the area. This is in turn converted to alternating current, which activates the electronic circuit. Through this process, a very low frequency field is generated and broadcasted by the antenna. The higher the radiation intensity is, the stronger the field will be.

Who can use STRAS?

STRAS can be used by anyone and everyone as we are all subjected to electromagnetic radiation. The STRAS device will be adjusted accordingly for children who are younger than 12 years of age. Afterwards, the STRAS device will then be reset. The fee for this resetting is of $143 excluding shipping.

How to use STRAS

  • STRAS should be worn as close to your body as possible. Usage should start slow, and built up gradually so as to give time to the body to adapt to the frequencies. This is why some detoxification symptoms could be experienced. After about 2 weeks your body will get used to it. We recommend drinking a lot of water and taking a Vitamin C supplement as this could prove helpful.
  • During the first 14 days it is important to keep the STRAS device away at a distance of at least 3 meters from other persons. Once the first 14 days have passed you may put the STRAS device under your pillow while sleeping, or on the bedside table. At this point your STRAS device will have learnt your body frequencies and so it will not be usable to any other person.
  • A number of STRAS users do not feel anything noticeable, but this does not mean that STRAS won’t be protecting you.
  • STRAS is not water proof, so it should not be worn while swimming or within close proximity to water.

STRAS is an alternative to:

  • Qi Shield eguipment
  • Anti-Radiation Wall Paint (Carbon or Lead Paint)
  • Eco DECT plus phones
  • Eco-routers
  • Alternative earth connections with so-called bio-cable
  • Stetzer filters
  • Blushield eguipment
  • Floww eguipment
  • Tachyon rods


A lifetime warranty is given with the purchase of a STRAS device as long as it is used properly.








40 gr


70 mm


Stainless steel

Made in Holland and Belgium

Every STRAS is made by hand in the Netherlands and Belgium. All the components used in the STRAS have been thoroughly tested. Once the components are installed, the frequencies are added and the enclosure is closed. The STRAS is then tested for 24 hours under different radiation conditions. Your STRAS will be sent.


The development of the STRAS has sought a definitive solution for people with EHS, radiation sensitivity and everyone who considers their health important.


In the past, devices have been marketed that did not or did not adequately meet a full-function, viable solution. The cause is that few or no engineers were involved in the development with EHS or radiation sensitivity. This created 'schine solutions' promoted by 'useful' marketers.

Terms and conditions

Various conditions are defined for the development of the STRAS to which the product must comply. Only engineers with EHS complaints have been called upon to devise the solution.


The engineers were instructed to:


Develop a EMF protection device with soft and comfortable frequencies for the user. These should be so pleasant that the user forgets that he or she has EHS or is radiation sensitive.

Solution: The frequencies in the STRAS are so gentle that the body can get used to the action.

Active operation

The device must actively adapt to changing radiation areas for mobile people. In concrete terms, this means working harder at higher radiation and weakening it when radiation decreases.

Solution: The STRAS actively responds to radiation present and other STRAS users in the immediate vicinity. This will immediately adjust the protection.


Don't develop a whole range of products, but just one small device that provides personal protection no matter where you are in the world.

Solution: The size of the STRAS is as large as a 'lipstick'.

Power supply

The appliance must always be working. Charging should not be a concern for the user.

Solution: The STRAS charges with the radiation present.

Sales Channel

The device should not be sold by aggressive sales. Quality and operation should speak for themselves. EHS people often have a long, frustrating quest.

Solution: Sales worldwide is exclusively protected by EMF Protection to meet these requirements.


The price must be affordable for everyone. It's a one-time investment for the rest of your life.

Solution: The price is so low that it is feasible for everyone.